Slade Genealogy

When my husband, Brent Slade, and I, Gay Lofgreen, married several decades, 7 children and 15 moves ago, there were joined families with a rich heritage in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Ancestors on all lines joined the Church in the earliest days of the restoration, crossed the Atlantic to join the Saints in America, then crossed the plains to Utah territory, and finally accepted the call to settle in Colorado and Arizona. So it is that "home" to Brent will always be the small Mormon community of Redmesa in southwest Colorado, while both my parents were raised in the slightly larger Mormon community (it boasted its own high school) of St. David, Arizona.

This web page pays tribute to our ancestors, to the SLADE, ANDERSON, LOFGREEN and MCRAE families, from whom we have inherited so much. It will also be a place for sharing genealogical information with others interested in searching for their roots. I do not take credit for the massive amount of data nor the years of research that the information contained herein represents. I give thanks for dedicated genealogists like Aunt Lura and Aunt Gladys and my mom. Special gratitude goes to my mother, June McRae Lofgreen, who has devoted half a century to organizing and verifying mounds of family records. And this she did without the internet.

So here we go! Have a look around, read some histories, follow a pedigree, get to know our family. It is a work in progress. Perhaps you can help. If you have a question or information to share, please Contact me. Otherwise, just enjoy…

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