Happiness Is

"Happiness is...dishwashing tummy aches,
Curling hair during Gunsmoke, Bonanza and Welk.
Happiness is...six lovely sisters,
Pud and our mother, and a dad who hates milk.
Happiness is...Mozart and Beach Boys and Jimmy Dean.
And, happiness is... (Lani) 'Mom! the girls are being mean!'

Happiness is...ice cream and crackers,
Frappe and popcorn and fudge made to please.
Happiness is...brioche for breakfast,
Tuna and gray punch and tacos with peas.
Happiness is...baking cookies we love to munch,
And, happiness is...freezing them for lunch.

"Happiness is...asleep in our own beds
Safe from the robbers who live down the hall.
Happiness is...each Christmas morning,
Santa Claus chocolate and Suzie, the doll.
Happiness is...being together on family night,
And, happiness is...hiding the thimble in plain sight.

"Happiness is...growing older,
College and marriage, a mission served well.
Happiness is...the prayers of our parents,
Their love and forgiveness when we stumble and fell.
Happiness is...memories that laugh when the times are bad,
And, happiness was... home with Mom and Dad.

"Happiness is...morning and evening,
Daytime and nighttime too.
We thank you for the happiness that you have given to us,
And we love you."

- Written by Denise Lofgreen Hagemeister
- Sung by all the children at the reunion
of the Glen P. and June M. Lofgreen
Family, April 1983, Lindon, Utah.