The McRaes

So we're McRaes
Our family tree
Now just what does that
Mean to me?

Another reunion
And why go there?
That's not for me -
What do I care?

These are the words -
I've used them too.
Listen, let me tell you
What a McRae should mean to you.

The first McRae
From the Scottish clan,
Our history tells us
Was very good man.

One sailed to America,
He longed to live free,
And the result of that
Was for you and me.

Then he heard the Gospel,
Knew that it was no myth,
And for it was jailed
With Joseph Smith.

They crossed the plains,
The way was long and rough.
But they never quit
When the going got tough.

And finally, at last
They reached Salt Lake,
A long well-earned rest
They were going to take

They were there when the crickets
Ate grandmother's curtains,
Saw the miracle of the gulls,
Of this, I am certain.

They planted their crops
Watching them grow.
And then were told
They were needed, so go.

And here they came,
With a few worldly goods,
Doing it all because
They knew they should.

Big people in stature,
Big on character too.
Think of all that they did
For me and for you.

Some say we are stubborn,
Of this I've no doubt.
Just the kind of bull-headedness
To bring this all about.

So we're McRaes,
A family true
Now doesn't that mean
A lot to you?

Yes, you're from McRaes
And don't you forget it.
And don't give our forefathers
Cause to regret it.

Edna T. Judd
Given at the McRae Reunion, 12 May 1973, at St. David, Arizona