Saga of Laurie and Darrell Moon

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! I've got a tale to tell,
A remarkable one, so listen well.
A story of happiness, frustration, and love
That had its beginning in heaven above.
It's a marvelous story as you will see,
And it's starring Laurie and Darrell, alias Wally Dee.

Before I begin, I'd like to thank at this time
All those who helped me put together this rhyme.
Mother, who persuaded me by complimenting my wit,
Besides she said I couldn't have any wedding cake if I didn't write it.
And Lani and Sabrina for details and dates that made this real,
And last but not least, me, for my abundant talent and skill.

It all started just a little over a year ago
When Laurie went to work at the bakery to make some dough.
As she mixed and kneaded and filled with cream,
It was of a date with the clean-up boy that she dreamed.
But of his attention to her she had reason to doubt
For it was her roommate, Cindy, he decided to take out.

But Laurie was determined to get the attention of Mr. Moon,
So she cornered him one day and jumped up and down on his broom.
This novel little display just might have opened the door
For a girl standing on your broom is pretty hard to ignore.
So he asked her if she thought she might
Accompany him to the fireside Sunday night.

That night they talked and laughed and had a great time.
Oh, could this be the start of something wonderfully divine?
Oh, yes, it could be, or so Laurie thought,
But Darrell had different ideas, he wasn't ready to be caught.
He started dating girls like a wild animal gone beserk,
And by Christmas time he was known as Darrell, the Jerk.

But Darrell had a hard time keeping Laurie off his mind,
The more he dated others he could see she was one of a kind.
So he girded up his loins, fresh courage took,
And went to Laurie's house for a closer look.
He liked what he saw, the jerk she forgave,
The road to an eternal relationship they began to pave.

After many months of courting and not even one kiss from him,
Laurie began to wonder if his lights upstairs weren't a little dim.
But Darrell was waiting for that perfect moment when they were alone,
Quiet afternoon, dim lights, and the neighbor dropping in to use the phone.
Then the parents had dinner and polite words were recited,
But I can't tell you much about that because I wasn't invited.

When Darrell finally popped the question, it was no great shock,
There was no thunder, no lightning, and the earth didn't rock.
The truly shocking thing about their engagement, I find,
Was that Laurie was actually able to make up her mind.
The wedding was set for August, but hold on to your hats,
Getting two people married is never as easy as that.

A trip to Phoenix to find that perfect dress
Pictures, long-distance caterers, oh what a mess!
Tho' she needed it, Laurie missed Mom's lecture on marital bliss,
"If he really made you happy, you wouldn't be acting like this."
Slowly, very slowly for some, that day that held dreams came to be,
That day they would meet across the altar on bended knee.

As the sun peeked across the top of the mountains,
The water at the temple spilled gracefully from the fountains.
From the girl atop his broom, to his beautiful bride
As Darrell looked at Laurie his heart swelled with pride.
From this moment on their lives they would share,
Life's trials, joys, ups and downs together they would bear.

And now my story I bring to an end,
I hope you enjoyed it, whether family or friend.
It's been a long hard ride, no soft pillowy cushion,
And tomorrow we're checking Mother into a mental institution.
But there they sit, hand in hand, with a bond that won't sever,
For they know this union can go thru life and on forever.