Zipporah Elizabeth Nielsen Lofgreen

Zipporah Elizabeth Nielsen Lofgreen was born 19 April 1858 in Helleward, Denmark. She was the daughter of Lars Nielsen and Sarah Marie Jespersen.

She, with her parents, immigrated to America, leaving Denmark 15 March 1861. They crossed the Northern Sea and the Atlantic Ocean from Liverpool, England. She had one sister, Lucy, at this time. They were the 111th Company on the ship called "Monarch of the Sea." William R. Gardner was the Captain. They landed in New York. There were about 955 Saints on board, perhaps the largest number of Saints who ever crossed the Atlantic Ocean in any single vessel. There were many nationalities on board, the largest being of Scandinavian descent. Elder James Woodard was appointed President of their company with Elders Hans O. Hansen and Niels Wilhelmsen as counselors.

Before leaving Liverpool, the Presidency of the mission with others of the priesthood, met with the Saints and gave them instructions and counsel. An excellent spirit prevailed and all felt to rejoice. It was an interesting thing to witness the assembling together of different families of different nations.

No less than ten nationalities being represented, all with one motive in mind. Filled with the Spirit of God and with love and union, going to Zion in fulfillment of words spoken by inspiration from God many years ago.

Seven Danish couples were married on board the day they left. Wards were organized and meetings held in their different languages. Several births were recorded during the trip and several deaths. They were thirty-four days on the voyage.

On landing, Apostle Erastus Snow met the company and addressed them in Danish. The company traveled by rail and steamboat to Florence, Nebraska, arriving there July 1, 1861. Most of the Saints crossed the plains in the company of John R. Murdock and Samuel A. Wooley with ox teams. There were about seventy wagons, about 338 Saints with 277 oxen, 81 cows, six mules and two horses.

Mother was three years old when she came to America. They arrived in Salt Lake City 22 September 1861. They finally settled in Huntsville, Utah. My mother had four sisters and four brothers. Her father was a farmer in Huntsville and mother being the oldest child had to work out in the fields doing a boy's work.

Before she was allowed to go to school she had to learn to knit her father a pair of sox. She knitted the rest of her life. She was a little woman with black hair and eyes, always very plain in dress and very quiet in manner. She used to love to dance and was considered one of the best dancers in her crowd.

She married Peter Andrew Lofgreen the 31st of July 1879 as his second wife. They lived in Huntsville and when her second child was born, Father was called on a mission to Sweden, leaving mother and his first wife to take care of the families. The first wife, Johanna, passed away while he was away so mother had her (Johanna's) four children and her own to care for while he was away.

After father returned from his mission they left for Arizona to make their home there. Father's brother, Benjamin, going with them. They traveled by team and wagon. They had many hardships to endure while trying to make a new home. They lived in an adobe home in a place called Curtis and Father taught school. While living there, Jesse was born and about this time an awful earthquake came and the side of our house fell in, dislocating my sister's hip.

They moved after this to a place called Marcus, later Saint David, where father bought a farm. They lived there until around 1915 or 1920. Mother helped with farm work and was raising a family at the same time. They built a lumber house, dug wells for irrigation and planted crops. Mother also washed for other people to help the family.

They made their own cheese, butter, molasses, and she put up her own fruit as well as take care of the family. She was left alone a lot as Father was active in public affairs and taught school and was Bishop for eighteen years. It was a hard life for Mother.

She was patient and willing to do her part. She did a lot of nursing and helping others.

She was the mother of thirteen children, seven girls - Emma, Annie, Nellie, Sarah, Eva, Mary, and Metta, and six boys - Jesse, Paul, Laurence, Roscoe, Willard and Seymour. She also raised Edward, son of the first wife, and helped raise three grandchildren.

One night a month before Seymour, her last child, was born, she fell and burst a blood vessel in her groin and was in bed until after the baby was born. It was the first time in her life she had ever had a doctor take care of her. A lady mid-wife, Aunt Rhoda Merrill, having taken care of her before with her family.

Father passed away March 6, 1920. They had sold the old home and moved nearer the church and school and were still living there when Father passed away. After he passed away Mother sold the old home and lived with her children in California for some time. She got homesick for Saint David where all her fond memories were and moved back and rented an apartment and lived there until she passed away.

She fell and broke some ribs and passed away in November, 1941 at my sister Nell's (Nellie Lofgreen Pederson). She was eighty-three years old. She was buried in St. David, Arizona. She lived a long, useful life, liked and respected by all who knew her.