Frances Marie Post

by Frances Marie Post Luke

I will tell briefly about myself before my marriage. I was born in St. David, Arizona, on 1 February 1922. The family lived in St. David until 1927 when they moved to Tucson. My recollections of these five years are very few, probably things that have been told to me.

My grade school days were spent at Miles School on East Broadway in Tucson. I attended Junior High at Roskruge and attended Tucson Senior High. For two years I attended the University of Arizona.

I have few recollections of my father. One is the time I was crying about something and was in the corner and Papa kept reciting, "I have a little girl who has a little curl, right in the middle of her forehead. When she's good, she's very good, but when she is bad, she's horrid." For years I thought Papa made that up himself. About the only other time I remember was just before he was killed he came home to visit and went to church. They asked him to talk and I was so proud. He said to save him some candy, he'd be home for Christmas. Then I remember the day he was killed.....every bit of that afternoon.

I did a lot of babysitting from the time I was twelve years old, even through University. I worked as a cashier at the skating rink one summer and at Woolworths. When Stephen Price was born I helped Lola for about two months.

Now about Bill, my husband (William H. Luke). Bill was born 26 June 1918, in Rexburg, Idaho, but he grew mostly at Lewisville, Idaho (near Rigby). His family moved to Salem, which is two miles from Sugar City, which is five miles from Rexburg. He graduated from Sugar-Salem High and attended Ricks College for two years, graduating in 1938. In December 1938, Bill went into the mission field in Canada (Toronto, Strathray, etc.). In 1941, after his return, he joined the army. For six months he attended Aeronautical University in Chicago, then went to Spokane, Washington, and in February, 1942, was transferred to Tucson.

Bill has five brothers (one dead) and four sisters. He was active in Church as he grew up. He worked hard....herding cows when quite young and always doing farm chores.

Bill and I met at the Institute in Tucson. Bill was stationed at the airbase and he came calling on Sundays and Thursdays. The first time he came to see me, before we went on to Church, Mother fixed a little supper and Bill had his first bean sandwich.

We were married 27 October 1942 at the Arizona Temple. We had a very nice reception with all my brothers and sisters present except Mildred. Bill was stationed in Pueblo, Colorado, so we lived there one month. Then we were back in Tucson. We lived in Clovis, New Mexico, from February 1943 until December 1943. Bill was sent to Virginia and I came home. Marie was born in Tucson 3 April 1944. In October, Marie and I flew to Savannah, Georgia, to live with Bill, but it only lasted two weeks as Bill was sent overseas...... to the Philippines, New Guinea, Okinawa......but he never was in bad danger as his work was airplane mechanics.

When Bill returned home after 10 months, I met him in Los Angeles. We lived in Tucson on 9th St. for about a year. Hal was born here on the 23 August 1946,. Then in 1947 we moved in with Mother. Delmar was sick and was at Mother's. In June 1948 we moved to Logan, Utah. The day we left Tucson was the last day I saw Mother alive. We were so thankful to have Nadine and Delmer close and Bill's sister. I disliked the weather intensely and was quite lonely. David was born in Logan, 25 December 1948. In February 1949 we came home.....Mother had died. We decided to stay. We lived in Mother's house until October 1949, when we moved to where we are now, on West Irvington Road. Alan was born 16 May 1951.

We get to see Ernest and family but in this busy world we don't get to visit our loved ones very often. I hope we can make time in the future to enjoy our relatives. We are not rich but surely we are blessed with all the necessities and many of the good things of life. We are thankful for the gospel and the happiness it brings.