Etta Nadine Post Schneider

by Nadine Post Schneider

I was born at St. David, Cochise, Arizona on June 30, 1912. I was born on my father's birthday.

I attended elementary school and one year of high school at. St. David. In August of 1927 we moved to the town of Tucson, Arizona. I graduated from high school in 1930, and worked at different places until I entered the School of Cosmetology in Tucson in 1932. While I was working there my father was accidentally killed at his work.

On March 9 1936, I reported to the mission home in Salt Lake City. I was called to the Northern States Mission. Bryant S. Hinckley was mission president. My first town to labor in was Grand Rapids, Michigan. I was there for fourteen months. Then I went to Pontiac, Michigan, and then to Peoria, Illinois. My companions were: Bethea Zollinger, Providence, Utah; Gladys Heder, Los Angeles, California; Wanda Johnson, Rexburg, Idaho; Helen Harrop, Lorenzo, Idaho; and Blanche Abegglen, St. Anthony, Idaho. I was released from my mission in September of 1937. My mother and my sister, Mildred, supported me on my mission.

In the summer of 1938, I visited some of my missionary companions and friends in Utah and Idaho. I again met Delmar Schneider, who had been a missionary in Tucson at the time I was on my mission. He had been a frequent visitor at my mother's home in Tucson. I spent some time at Delmar's sister's ranch at Gray, Idaho. Delmar and I became engaged. I also visited Delmar's father's home at Lewisville, Idaho. Delmar was born in Bancroft, Idaho, on June 8, 1913. His father was called from Bancroft to be the Bishop of the Gray's Lake Ward at Gray, Idaho. They moved there when Delmar was about a year old. Delmar's mother died while they were living in Gray's Lake Valley when Delmar was a little over seven years of age. After the family moved to Lewisville, Idaho, (about 1928 or 1929) Delmar returned to the Valley and lived with his sister Roda. He was called to the California Mission from Gray's Lake Ward. The ward, his sister and brother-in-law (Clarence Muir) kept him on his two-year mission. He labored in the Southern Arizona District, the Imperial Valley District and the San Diego District. He was made M.I.A. President of the Gray's Lake Ward and also was a teacher in the Sunday School.

I have been a teacher in Sunday School (kindergarten class), secretary of the Sunday School, secretary of the Y.W.M.I.A. at Tucson; also I was Y.W.M.I.A. dance director for the Southern Arizona District. I served as theology teacher for the Relief Society at Gray's Lake and as visiting teacher and on the genealogical committee in Providence Ward.

Delmar was sustained as Bishop of the Gray's Lake Ward on April 9, 1939. He was the Bishop of that Ward until the fall of 1947, when he was released because of illness.

Delmar and I were married in the Mesa Temple at Mesa Arizona, on June 15, 1939, by Charles R. Jones.

Our home was a one-room log cabin with a lean-to for wood and for the storing of other necessary things. A spring was piped into the lean-to. We lifted a trap-door to get our water. While we were living in the one room, Blanche was born in the Caribou Hospital at Soda Springs, about 40 miles from Gray. In December of 1940 we went to work for Charles Tingey. We worked for him until the spring of 1943 when we rented a ranch.

Myron Lee was born in the Caribou Hospital on June 23, 1942. Delmar named and blessed the baby and on June 25, 1942, he died. He was buried in the Gray's Lake Cemetery.

Pauline and Donald Post were both born in the Caribou Hospital while we were renting the Mathew place. Pauline was born on October 4, 1943, and Donald on November 19, 1944.

Because of the school conditions and the uncertainty of renting, we bought a home in Providence, Utah. We moved to our new home November 20, 1945. Delmar continued to be Bishop at Gray, going back up there whenever he could to take care of his meetings, tithing, and other business.

In the spring of 1947 Delmar became ill with the disease of nephritis. He was bedfast most of the time until the next spring. We flew him by airplane to Arizona in the fall of 1947. It was the Lord working through Dr. A.N. Shoun that Delmar was able to do odd jobs and by 1949 was able to pass the chauffeur's test and drive a school bus.; he also did light janitor work. He did this kind of work until February of 1951 when he took the flu and became ill with his disease again. He died on April 4, 1951, and was buried in the Providence Cemetery on April 7, 1951.

The children and I continue to live in Providence, Utah. I am fortunate and very blessed by the Lord in being able to work and support my family.

Etta Nadine Post Schneider