Parley Pratt Sabin

Composed by his daughter Irene M. Merrill

In Iowa, Clinton County, a husky yell was heard
It was not a frog a croaking, or the cry of a startled bird,
But just a little boy baby, telling that he had come along.
He had left his home in Heaven to join the Earthly throng.

Sometime he was an angel, sometime a little brat.
>But the Sabin family loved him, and they called him Parley Pratt.
His parents heard the Gospel, and knew that it was true.
They made the journey far out West, when Parley was but two.

It was a long hard journey, for that tired weary band,
But Parley was always ready to lend a helping hand.
He would stand up in the wagon, and try to drive the team.
"Dit up ol' Bill and Bolley, Ou dot to whim dat tweam!"

"Wes doin out to outah to the Mormons, where
We tan do bout as we pease an ou dot to take us dare."
They reached the Salt Lake Valley. The times were very hard -
And to add to their discomfort, the crickets came in hordes.

They ate their crops and clothing until the Father heard them pray,
And sent the seagulls from the lake, which really saved the day.
Their clothes grew thin and thinner, until in their despair
>They found that little Parley hadn't a darn thing to wear.

But his mother came to the rescue and wove cloth out of string,
And made Parley a little frock which was quite the thing.
But his brothers liked to tease him and called him "Carpet Rag."
Their clothes were all in patches so they had no room to brag.

They had shoes of untanned cowhide to cover their bare feet,
Sagoes, dark bread and sorghum was all they had to eat.
Of course some of them murmured at these hard and cruel times,
But they all grew up tall and strong without any vitamines.

Their father was an inventor. He made guns and nails and kegs.
He even made a molasses mill in which Parley broke his leg.
Now Parley was a handsome guy, and soon found him a wife,
Sweet Eliza Jane whom he thought would stay with him through life.

But the Father in Heaven had other plans, and soon took her away,
And left poor Parley sad and blue for many, many a day.
But as time passed by, this handsome guy wooed and wed another.
Gecoza Sims, an English lass, who in time became my mother.

Parley was always willing to obey the Church's command,
He was sent to Arizona to help settle up the land.
They landed at the Gila at a place called "Curtisville,"
You'll never find it on the map for it isn't Curtis still.

Parley just took one long look and said to the folks who had come to stay,
"So this is the Garden of Eden, huh?" and the town's called "Eden" to this day.
The ground was filled with alkali, mosquitos filled the air,
Sickness, chills and fever was present everywhere.

But Parley mixed them up a dose, they called it "Kill or cure";
Take one swig and by gosh! you would ne'er want any more.
But just the same it cured them. They became a healthy flock,
So the people of that little town nicknamed Parley "Doc."

The Father soon called Cozy home and left Parley sad and grim,
Now he had four little kids to love and comfort him.
But as time passed by this handsome guy found him another wife,
This time he married Sarah Smith who stayed with him the remainder of his life.

Parley would lend a helping hand to a neighbor in his need,
He was always willing and ready to do a kindly deed.
He lived unto a ripe old age, And when his life on earth did end,
The people mourned because they lost a good, kind father, neighbor, friend.