P>George Edward Grove Taylor, son of Joseph and Martha Grove Taylor, was born 5 June 1810, at Harefield, Middlesex, England. He married Ann Wicks in February, 1830. He was converted to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and was baptized to become a member on 27 July 1848 there in England.

George was a "taylor" by trade as well as by name. At one time he was President of the L.D.S. Branch in the town where they were residing in England.

He and his wife, Ann Wicks, were the parents of four children, namely: Joseph Edward, Margaret Ann, Martha and Maria.

In 1851, he was married to Jane Baxter, entering into polygamy against the wishes of his wife, Ann, and thus causing their separation. To this union were born four children, namely: George Grove, Mary Grove, Edward and Jane.

In 1852, his son, Joseph Edward, came to Salt Lake City, Utah, and was followed in 1854 by his first wife, Ann, and their two daughters, Martha and Maria.

On 3 July 1866, George and his second wife, Jane, and their four children, and Margaret Ann, his daughter by his first wife, landed in America. They also went to Salt Lake City to make their home.

George received his endowments in the Endowment House in Salt Lake City on 28 March 1868.

He died and was buried in Salt Lake City, Utah, on 6 August 1874, at the age of sixty-four years and two months.

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Patriarchal Blessing #1157

Salt Lake City, Utah, January 20th, 1871

A blessing given by John SMITH, Patriarch, upon the head of George Edward Grove TAYLOR, son of Joseph and Martha GROVE TAYLOR, born in Harefield, Middlesex, England, June 5th 1810.

Brother George in the name of Jesus Christ, I place my hands upon thy head and ask for the Eternal Father for his spirit to envite thy blessings and fill thee with the influence thereof.

Thou art of the House of Israel and have been called unto ths ministry, for a wise purpose. Thou hast seen many changes and passed thru trying events and thy life has been preserved for a wise purpose in a miraculous manner, the hand of the Lord has been over thee and whispered in thine ear many times and if thou wilt listen to the whis-perings of the Spirit, he will not forsake thee. And thou shalt fulfill thy desire upon the earth and secure unto thyself a name which shall be held in honorable remembrance from generation to generation.

Thou are of Ephraim and entitled to the Blessings of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and shall verily receive thy reward. Thou shalt assist in gathering scattered Israel, and shall be a Savior among thy kindred and friends and many will rejoice with thee hereafter. Thou shalt be blessed in the larder of thy house and shall not lack for the comforts of life. Thou shalt be numbered among the Fathers in Israel who shall have an inheritance among the Saints. Thou shalt counsel with many of thy Brethren and exhort many (to) further perform this work. Thy many blessings I seal upon thy head, and I seal thee up with eternal life to come forth in the morning of the first resurrection even so, Amen.

Copied by Teton Hanks Jackman, May 1977.